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About Brian Dittmar

Brian Dittmar has spent much of his professional life identifying perfect properties.

The former location scout and Westchester, CA native worked on feature films and television series, sparking his enthusiasm for California architecture. Since 2012, he has brought that passion to his work as a real estate agent.

It has been working out well. Since 2012, he's sold more than $83M worth of real estate and now focuses on helping buyers across the Los Angeles basin. As the owner of several investment properties, he's well poised to offer clients insights into their properties that other agents might miss.

Brian is also certified as a First-time Buyer Specialist (FTBS with California Assoc. of Realtors).

He currently lives in Inglewood, CA and in his spare time enjoys the beach, exercising, college football, the Dodgers, and barbequing delicious smoked meats with family and friends.

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